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Brightening IV Infusion

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  • 159 Canadian dollars
  • Unit 1068, 8321 Kennedy Road,

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IV Glutathione for Skin Brightening IV Glutathione is the liver's most powerful anti-oxidant and hence, has great anti-aging and skin brightening properties. Brightens Complexion Detoxifies the Skin Clears Blemishes Lightens Pigmented Areas Anti-Aging Detoxifies the Liver IV Glutathione Therapy is all about brightening your skin from the inside, with Glutathione and Vitamin C injected into your bloodstream via a small butterfly needle. IV Therapy allows for these active ingredients to go directly into the bloodstream and hence, are absorbed much more effectively than taken orally. IV Glutathione Skin Brightening Therapy works best for darker skinned ethnic groups, such as Asian (Filipino, Chinese, Korean, etc), East Indian, African, Hispanic, or simply for anyone with skin darkened from UV rays from being outdoors. IV Glutathione is also regularly used by all men and women who wants to maintain good skin complexion and general health.

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